As we traditionally conceptualize retirement as leaving the workforce, the title of this article may seem a bit strange; however, there is a growing trend where retirees do not leave the workforce completely. Instead, they shift their careers.

For some, retirement provides an exciting opportunity to reinvent themselves and do something new. For others, it might be a time to continue in their current field and try out more flexible work options.

If you decide to continue working, retirement provides an excellent opportunity to reflect on your career and redirect it as desired. To do so, I encourage you to consider the following:

  1. Passions: Now is a great time to reconnect with passions that you have let slide over the years or to create new passions for yourself. Think about how you can align work with your passions.
  2. Flexible work options: Contract and part-time work are excellent ways to stay in the workforce while also allowing personal time for pursuing other activities such as travel and hobbies.
  3. Values: Our values often shift over time, so check-in with your values and make sure that you align your career with them. For example, at one time you may have strongly valued achievement, whereas perhaps now you value work-life balance more.
  4. Network: Let your network know that you are looking for new opportunities and see what opens up. It could be your next career path.
  5. Additional Support: If you are having trouble visioning the next phase of your career, you can seek out career counselling.

Congratulations on your retirement! I wish you all the best in the next phase of your career journey.

Michelle Sande
Registered Provisional Psychologist
Canada Career Counselling