When I first chat with my mid-career clients, they often ask if it is normal for people to change careers at their stage of life. I reassure them that people are making more career changes than ever before and it is never too late to pursue your dreams.

Change is an emotional journey. We may experience anxiety over the unknown as well as excitement over new possibilities. Change often involves some messy, vulnerable times where we delve outside of our comfort zones and experience growth. To support you during your career transition, below are some ideas to consider:

  1. Break Your Career Goal Into Bite-Sized Pieces: It’s great to have a long-term career goal, but this can also be overwhelming when you think of all that you need to do to get there. By making sub-goals to focus on in the short-term, you can make this process less daunting. Try working backwards from your long-term goal to develop these smaller goals.
  2. Celebrate Small Successes: The job search process can be tiring as there is a large investment of energy and it may take time for you to get concrete outcomes. By celebrating the small successes, you can stay motivated in a tough job market. For example, getting an interview is an achievement regardless of the outcome.
  3. Practice Self-Compassion: Change can be challenging so treat yourself with the same compassion that you would give a friend or family member going through something similar. Ensure that your inner dialogue is kind and that you are getting enough rest, exercise, and social time.
  4. Dare to Dream: focus on what you want for your next career as well as what you don’t. Sometimes clients get stuck focusing on the negatives of the career that they are leaving; however, it is equally crucial to understand what you want from your next career.
  5. Ask for Help: Don’t be afraid to reach out to others for extra support during your career transition. You can get help from friends, family, and our team here.

Wishing you all the best as you journey through your next career change!

Michelle Sande
Provisional Registered Psychologist
Canada Career Counselling