Leading organizations recognize the need to attract and retain underutilized sources of talent, including women. Doing so is key to remaining competitive in a global market and in addressing anticipated skill shortages or mismatches.

Having a critical mass of women at all levels of an organization, including senior management, has also been linked to higher organizational performance. When leveraged effectively, the engagement of female employees has been convincingly correlated with productivity, profitability, employee commitment, and retention (Joy & Carter, 2007; Shipman & Kay, 2009). Despite this compelling research, the leaky pipeline, which is a metaphor used to describe the situation of organizations losing female talent, still exists.

Retaining valued employees, and in particular working mothers, can often be accomplished with simple, low or no cost strategies. As Canada Career Counselling discovered in its nationwide 3-year project that looked at the impact of a women’s career development during childbearing years, employers and employees can definitely take steps to Make it Work!

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Avra Davidoff
Registered Psychologist
Canada Career Counselling


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