“With artificial intelligence, smart machines, and robots replacing humans in predictable, repetitive tasks, the uniquely human capacity for imagination, empathy, creativity and innovation is a final frontier for humans. Uncaging students’ creativity through project-based learning linked to issues they care deeply about will prepare them to build fulfilling lives and to make the world a better place for all of us.

Creativity is the fuel for an innovative society. Human creativity is a natural, expandable, and infinitely renewable resource. The adolescent mind has that spark of emotion and social drive, that push to explore new solutions to old ways, that can transform communities and may save life on our planet (Siegel). Rather than fully developing this resource, we are caging and stifling it. 76% of primary students are fully engaged in school. By high school student engagement has plummeted to 44% (Gallup). Unengaged minds are uncreative minds. High school isn’t about the big, real-world problems students care deeply about. It’s about surviving arbitrary, prescribed curriculum for which most students have little interest and see little relevance. Creativity is caged because students have learned not to risk the shame of giving a wrong answer. Among the students whose engagement wanes most are those with high entrepreneurial potential – our future job creators.”

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