Calgary Career Counselling is celebrating it’s 9th birthday this month, having officially launched in August of 2009. It’s fun to think about how it all came about, and how far we’ve come as a practice that has helped thousands of Canadians!

In the months leading up to forming an official business 9 years ago, I had been seeing clients for career counselling for several years (since 2006) as an independent Psychologist. I developed a passion early on for helping people figure out their career paths and transitions through working with students at the University of Calgary Counselling Centre as far back as 1998-1999. Following this, I continued delivering career counselling and assessment through an outplacement firm in Calgary, and then began to see clients privately, renting office spaces as needed and even using my home office.

On the advice of my brother-in-law, I launched a website with his help. I wanted a name that was more than just Dr. Laura Hambley, as I always liked working in a team rather than independently. I chose Calgary Career Counselling as it described exactly what it was. The first website launched, with the homepage displaying a young woman leaning against a giant white puzzle piece, with green and white as the primary colours. It was a simple site, but started getting found that summer, with clients coming to my first CCC office on 12th Ave near 4th St. in Calgary. The office overlooked a park and was bright and inviting. It was only me and my assistant Alexis, a talented Australian with a psychology degree who was new to Canada.

The number of calls grew quickly past my capacity, and that winter (2010), Avra Davidoff joined Calgary Career Counselling and began seeing clients as a Provisional Psychologist. Soon after, others joined and we grew steadily, outgrowing that space and moving to 14th St NW, near Kensington. We continued to bring on new team members and administrative staff over time, always trying to improve what we were offering to our clients. In 2015 our lease was finished and we needed even more space, so chose the heart of Kensington, where we’ve been ever since. We now have a team of 8 Psychologists/Provisional Psychologists, 2 Career Advisors, as well as an amazing 3-person admin team plus student volunteers.  We look forward to continuing to help Canadians, along with our sister organization, Canada Career Counselling, based in Toronto.

Dr. Laura Hambley
Founder, Registered Psychologist
Canada Career Counselling