Michael Sorsdahl, C.D., Ph.D.(Education), MA, R.Psyc, C.C.C., R.C.C., G.C.D.F-i

Psychologist and Practice Lead – Victoria


Michael is a Psychologist located in our BC office in Victoria, also working remotely with clients online in both BC and Alberta in order to provide greater access to services. He uses an integrated and collaborative approach to counselling, to create an ideal environment for exploration and successful transition for all clients in many facets of their lives. His experience working with individuals and groups in PTSD/Trauma, Couples/Relationships, Identity/LGBTQ2+, and other personal challenges, informs his work in Career Counselling. Understanding that career is a huge part of someone’s identity, Michael focuses on supporting people find their passion in work through understanding who they are, while helping them overcome any roadblocks to their career goals.

Alongside his extensive experience as a therapist and educator since 2005, Michael brings 25 years of experience as a Senior Naval Reserve Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces. His work in career development as a Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) and Career Counsellor also involves helping military members transition into the civilian workforce. He does so by working with them to better understand, capitalize on, and market their unique and transferrable skill sets. Helping military members and other First Responders to successfully transition into civilian life and to have their expansive knowledge and diverse skills be recognized by civilian employers are the driving forces behind his work in this area.

Michael holds a Certificate in the Career Management Professional Program, a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, a Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology, a Masters of Defence Studies, and a PhD in the Centre for Cross Faculty Inquiry in Education (focused on Counselling). He has instructed at several universities, and is currently a sessional instructor at UVic and an Adjunct professor at UBC in their counselling psychology programs.