Invest in your people and culture to create a thriving organization

Our diverse team of Organizational Psychologists and Coaches bring decades of experience working with organizations to engage and retain talent.

Through our strategic Corporate Services, including leadership, team, culture, and career development offerings, our experts help develop the “people side” of the business across all levels of an organization.

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Leadership and Executive Coaching

Drive organizational success through leadership and executive coaching services. Through one-on-one and group coaching services, our certified coaches, organizational psychologists, and counsellors support emerging and senior leaders alike in developing the skills to successfully navigate their roles and transform organizations.


Individual Assessments

Invest in employee and leader/manager growth using the power of developmental assessments. These transformative tools not only clarify capabilities but uncover unique strengths and target areas for development that enhance the performance and potential of your workforce.


Workshops and Training

Heighten the professional development of your employees with our innovative and fully customizable workshops. We offer training opportunities for audiences of individual contributors and leaders, on a wide variety of topics based on current best practices, industry-specific knowledge, and your organization’s unique needs.

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Team Effectiveness

Develop cohesive, collaborative, and high performing teams through expertly facilitated team development sessions. Whether through teambuilding initiatives or navigating common challenges such as conflict or communication issues, our workplace psychologists and consultants help all levels of teams to grow and excel.

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Organizational Climate and Culture Development

Cultivate a strong organizational culture with our suite of services designed to help senior leaders define, refine, and transform the values and identity of their organization. Maximize alignment and employee engagement using customizable interview, focus group, and survey/diagnostic approaches that uncover and tap into the unique dynamics of your organization. Our comprehensive processes will provide deep organizational insights to drive success and optimize your organizational culture and performance.


Speaking and Keynotes

We offer a variety of speaking services, ranging from keynotes and off-sites to corporate events and lunch and learns.  We have a wide range of topic areas that bring in our expertise and vast experience in the field of psychology tailored to your unique needs. Whether you’re a public or private organization or association, we’re here to help boost the morale, motivation, and engagement of your workforce or members through engaging speaking events.

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Career Development Support for Schools

Our student and parent presentations are specially curated to address emerging career planning needs, starting from as early as elementary school to planning for success after high school. Our expert career counsellors can help take students, and those who support them, from classroom to career through engaging and actionable learning experiences.

Corporate Services FAQ

What are the benefits of investing in the development of my leaders and employees using consulting services?

Investing in the development of your workforce increases employee engagement, productivity, skill development, and loyalty. When productivity, employee ability/confidence, and retention increase, organizational performance improves. So, supporting the growth of your leaders and employees not only demonstrates that you value them, but it also benefits your bottom line.

How do I know if my organization needs consulting or other career development services?

External expertise can serve as a valuable, objective resource whether your goal is to address organizational challenges (e.g., performance issues, communication challenges, talent retention), improve the engagement, skill, or knowledge of your people (e.g., through training, development, and coaching) or work towards strategic objectives (e.g., seeking out employee feedback and culture transformation). Our customized approach means you’ll benefit from expertly facilitated services that are tailored to the unique needs of your organization and people, providing you with solutions that go beyond the ordinary.

What is the benefit in working with a Registered Psychologist or an Organizational Psychologist?

Psychologists have extensive training (minimum master’s level education) as well as a deep understanding of human motivation/human dynamics and the various aspects of people’s career development and mental health.  Our team of Organizational Psychologists specialize in psychology applied to the workplace and use evidence-based practices to improve your employees’ engagement, satisfaction, retention, commitment, performance, and wellbeing.

Are your corporate services available in-person?

Yes, we can provide training, coaching, and other consulting services both in-person and virtually and are skilled delivering in both formats. Depending on your needs and availability, our team can travel to your location.

Where are your facilitators/coaches/consultants located?

Currently we have team members located in Calgary, Toronto, Halifax, and the Vancouver area. Our team is available for travel across Canada and internationally.

How do I measure the success of a consulting project?

When it comes to measuring success, as organizational psychology consultants we work with you to identify which outcomes are important and set up ways to assess these.  Although subjective data such as training and coaching evaluations are important, we also like to look at other metrics, such as performance data, client satisfaction scores, turnover, and other relevant data.  It really depends on your industry and how you define performance and success in your organization. 

How much do these services cost?

To ensure that our service offerings are tailored to meet your specific needs, we first conduct a needs assessment to identify suitable solutions. Following this evaluation, we develop a customized proposal and fee structure that aligns with your identified needs and budget.

Contact us today to explore your organization’s needs around career development and planning.