Career Development Supports for Schools

Career exploration starts long before the transition to work. We’re here to support that journey and empower students (as well as the parents and educators that guide them) to identify their career needs, develop essential skills for navigating career decisions, and plan for their future success.

Our Approach

Our team of Registered Psychologists and Job Search Strategists specialize in career and education planning and are passionate about providing career guidance and resources that will help to prepare students for the transition from school to work. We know that by helping students to think about their future pathway early and often, they’ll be more likely to transition out of school and into the workforce with confidence and optimism. Here’s how we can support:

  • We deliver interactive presentations and workshops that teach students the tangible skills needed to navigate the career planning process with confidence
  • We help to inspire students to explore new possibilities and suitable career paths by providing assessment-informed insights and information into all aspects of the labour market
  • We adapt our material for students of all ages (from elementary to post-secondary) to support career and education planning at every stage
  • We provide engaging and actionable learning experiences for students, parents, and educators alike to ensure everyone involved in the career planning process is well-informed

Our presentations are specifically designed to enhance and complement existing academic coursework related to CALM – Career and Life Outcome 3: Career and Life Choices, and beyond. We complement the work that guidance counsellors and career practitioners in high schools provide, offering career planning support and mental health expertise geared towards helping students manage the complex emotions and pressures of navigating their career development journey.

Our Most Popular Presentations for Students and Parents

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Supporting Career Planning for Students
  • Classroom to Career: Planning for Success after High School
  • Supporting Confident Career Planning for Students
  • Mind the Gap! How to Decide on Taking a Gap Year

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We also partner with schools and schoolboards to offer student experience surveys, designed to collect feedback on the educational journey of students from elementary to high school. Survey results not only provide insight into academic life, but encompass the personal, social, and emotional domains to provide a holistic picture of the student experience.