Individual Assessments

Unlock the full potential of your people and leaders through individual assessments designed to provide personalized insights and targeted development strategies. Whether you’re looking to offer personality and behavioural assessments, evaluate skills and competencies, or take a multi-perspective approach through 360-degree feedback, our scientifically validated assessment tools provide you and your people with a holistic understanding of their current capabilities and future potential.

Our Approach

Effective talent management starts with the assessment of the strengths, development needs, and the potential of each employee, but it doesn’t end there. Our individualized assessment process is curated to offer a comprehensive learning and development experience for staff at all levels of the organization, from individual contributors to senior leadership. This includes:

  • Scientifically-validated evaluation process – we utilize evidence-based assessment tools and methodologies that ensure accurate and meaningful insights.
  • Personalized insights – our team of organizational psychologists and consultants bring a wealth of knowledge and practical insights to every assessment, creating a tailored approach to each debrief. 
  • Customized development plans – beyond the results provided, our assessment process incorporates discussions about actionable next steps and resources to support long-term career growth and development.
  • Ongoing support and feedback – we offer ongoing support through various options including coaching packages, one-on-one check-ins, and progress reviews to keep individuals on track towards their goals.

Using this approach and the insights provided, individual assessments are an effective way to support employee development and performance, increase satisfaction and retention, as well as maximize alignment with organizational culture, needs and goals.

Our Assessments

We offer a suite of services and assessment tools to address a variety of needs, including:

  • 360 Degree Feedback – a comprehensive feedback system designed to foster self-awareness and support growth through insights from a variety of sources and perspectives related to an individual’s performance, talents, and development needs.
  • Leadership Competency Assessments – identify areas of current skill and further development for both current and emerging leaders across a series of key leadership competencies proven to be associated with success at this level.
  • Personality and Behavioural Assessments – as Registered Psychologists, we draw on a wide range of valid and reliable psychometric tools to assess leadership, personality, emotional intelligence, and conflict style, to name a few. Our tools include the Leadership Effectiveness Assessment, the Occupational Personality Questionnaire, Emergenetics, Work Personality Index, Myers-Briggs, EQ-i, and many others. 

Our assessment tools are most useful when integrated with coaching services  designed to support intentional leadership and career development aligning with both personal goals and organizational needs.

To learn more about how our assessments and other employee development service offerings can be used in your organization, reach out today to speak with one of our organizational psychologists