Organizational Climate and Culture Development

Work in collaboration with our team of expertly trained organizational psychologists and consultants to better understand the unique dynamics of your organization. Using proven strategies to enhance employee engagement and organizational effectiveness, you can take the first step to supporting transformative change for your organization and people.

Our Approach

We know that supporting the health and functioning of your organizational culture and workplace first requires an in-depth analysis of the current state of things. Our organizational climate and culture development tools are designed to:

  • Incorporate options for both customized and/or benchmarked questions that elicit measurable results targeted to specific areas of importance to your organization
  • Provide a variety of methods for data collection (including interviews, surveys, or focus groups) so that you get the most comprehensive information possible
  • Offer a safe and confidential environment for providing feedback that maximizes employee engagement and privacy and, therefore, accuracy of the data collected
  • Quickly identify areas of strength and developmental needs so that you can develop targeted solutions with efficiency and precision
  • Provide evidence-based solutions and customized recommendations informed by best practice to support your organization’s development and success

Our Services

We offer a suite of services and assessment tools to address a variety of needs, including:

  • Organizational Climate Assessment – get a pulse on the current state of your organization’s functioning by assessing across a wide variety of areas shown to be associated with high performing organizations.
  • Employee Engagement Survey – assess employee morale and engagement while identifying strategies specific to your organization for driving high performance and supporting talent retention.
  • Culture Diagnosis and Development – intentionally determine the culture you want to create by understanding and implementing your key values. We work with your executive team and key stakeholders to strategically develop a culture where people stay and thrive.

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