Team Effectiveness

Build high-performing teams with services designed to cultivate cohesion, promote productivity, and enhance the overall performance of your people.

Our organizational psychologists and consultants will not only help you to understand the dynamics of your team, but also target and support areas for development to maximize team functioning and effectiveness. Building team effectiveness helps to:

  • Develop team vision/mission and goals
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Enhance innovation and creativity
  • Improve working relationships and trust
  • Build employee engagement and morale
  • Strengthen communication and conflict resolution
  • Establish clearer responsibilities and accountability

Our Approach

We bring extensive experience in team development and effectiveness to your workplace, with practical solutions developed to build high performing teams. Our collaborative and strategic approach to team effectiveness allows us to:

  • Identify the unique needs of your team so that we’re able to effectively target development
  • Utilize evidence-based strategies grounded in research and best practices to drive real improvements in performance
  • Help align individual aspirations with the team’s vision and goals
  • Develop mechanisms for accountability
  • Provide ongoing support to ensure sustainable growth

Because the needs of each individual team are unique, we’ve developed a range of solutions to best support the effectiveness of your team.

Our Solutions

  • Team Health Diagnostic: assessment of your team’s health and functioning, followed by a targeted debrief to make a team action plan for how to improve.
  • Team Charter Development: develop a team charter to define the expectations and norms for how the team members will work together.  A powerful process and document to bring your team to the next level.
  • Team Performance Coaching:  team coaching sessions to target areas for development, including communication, conflict resolution, team dynamics, etc.
  • Team Development Sessions: also referred to as team building, these sessions focus on gaining a greater understanding of the different personalities and work styles on the team to communicate and collaborate more effectively.
  • Emergenetics Meeting of the Minds: we have certification in Emergenetics, a powerful brain-based assessment of thinking and behavioral styles that helps propel team communication and effectiveness.
  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Training

Many of our workshop offerings can also be adapted for teams. For more information about our solutions or to inquire about other training options for your team, reach out today to connect with someone from our team.