Challenging Negative Thoughts

Feb 1, 2022 | Blogs

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Finding a career that is both financially satisfying and personally fulfilling is not an easy task, especially in tough economic times. It’s easy to get discouraged and feel like you are stuck or at a dead end in your job search. This can often lead to feelings of self-doubt, that can have a serious effect on a person’s motivation and desire to achieve their career goals.

These feelings of uncertainty can impact a person’s self-confidence, and influence how we feel and behave, even if they are responses often based on faulty assumptions. While difficult to avoid, these negative thought patterns can make it an even more challenging process to secure a job.

You Got This

So how can you overcome this vicious cycle of thinking, and take action?

Develop awareness: To reverse our negative thinking patterns, you have to catch yourself in the act. You may be surprised at how automatic these self-defeating thoughts are and how frequently they occur. However, once you develop an awareness of these thoughts, you can actively choose how to respond.

Analyze your thinking: Work on distancing yourself from the negative thoughts you hold about yourself. Ask yourself if you truly believe the statements running through your mind. Consider different perspectives to reassess the situation.

Challenge the thought: Try to talk back to each negative thought by recognizing that your response is only one of several possible choices. Ask yourself “What is the evidence for this thought?” and work to come up with more balanced statements.

Focus on promise not the problem:  Stay connected to and focus on what is important to you by remembering what it is you are working towards and why. It truly is about the end goal and focusing less on the challenging steps in the process.

Like most habits, changing negative thought patterns takes time, effort, and consistency. However, taking the time to shift your way of thinking to being more logical, reasonable, and open-minded – especially when it has to do with your own self-worth, can be tremendously beneficial in how you are able to succeed in your career ambitions.



  • Avery Morris

    Written by Avery Morris, a Registered Psychologist and Career Counsellor at Canada Career Counselling – Calgary. As an experienced Career Counsellor, Avery is passionate about supporting clients of all ages on their career journeys and helping them make informed and intentional decisions. Her warm and authentic approach emphasizes empowering clients by highlighting strengths and values as a catalyst for growth.

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