How Will You Measure Your Life? The True Meaning of Success

Oct 28, 2022 | Blogs

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In the second part of this episode of Dr Laura: Where Work Meets Life™ – Dr. Laura is again joined by Dr. Alan Patterson, author of “Burn Ladders. Build Bridges: Pursuing Work with Meaning and Purpose”, to talk about how to measure success. Dr. Patterson challenges us to offer each other respect and to value our relationships as much as our achievements.

Dr. Laura Podcast with Dr Alan
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Dr. Alan Patterson and Dr. Laura discuss how unhappiness at work is often fuelled by a lack of equity, respect, and inclusion. They address the responsibilities leaders have to forge workplaces where people want to remain. Dr. Patterson shares his thoughts on givers versus takers in life, why relationships are so valuable, and how he hopes people will seek out curiosity and imagination in their jobs instead of simply climbing the ladder. This is a vital conversation on the metrics for measuring success in your life that will challenge listeners to examine their own choices and motives.

“I think people are emotionally worn out. The door opened and a tsunami came in. And I think people are really questioning, some more deeply than others. I mean, people need jobs. They need jobs to put food on the table. But I think it has kindled, not rekindled, the important situations and circumstances we need to think about when it comes to equity and fairness and inclusion. I mean, people want to be respected and acknowledged. And I think there’s that level of unhappiness that was always there. But the dam broke and it’s coming through loud and clear. I don’t think we’ll ever see work the way we saw it prior to 2020.” – Dr. Alan Patterson

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