Making Bold Life Changes: Turning Fear into Courage

Oct 10, 2023 | Blogs

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Dr. Laura welcomes guest Samra Zafar – founder and CEO of Brave Beginnings, best-selling author of “A Good Wife”, and internationally renowned speaker – to the show to talk about the courage to make big life changes. Samra herself made a bold and difficult life change when she escaped an abusive marriage, as detailed in her book, and she offers insight gained from that experience.


Episode 67 | Making Bold Life Changes: Turning Fear into Courage
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Dr. Laura’s 25 years of experience in career psychology informs this episode’s discussion about career development trends and how you can take charge of your career.  Dr. Laura shares how she chose to specialize in career development when she obtained her Master’s in Counseling Psychology and how that led her to found Canada Career Counseling.

“It’s very, very natural to feel those feelings of fear and imposter syndrome and all those things. So courage is not the absence of those things. Courage is, Yes, I am afraid right now. Yes, I’m terrified. Yes, this feels scary. But this means something to me and I care about this, so I’m going to do it anyway. Courage is trusting in your ability to figure things out.” – Samra Zafar



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