Like most people, chances are your early career choices were influenced by factors that had little to do with career fulfillment.  

1) Should – Pursuing a career based on a rigid rule, “I should climb the career ladder at a brand-name firm only.”

2) Pressure from Others – Pursuing a career you feel pressured to do, “My mom wouldn’t be happy with me if I didn’t become a doctor like her.”

3) Word of Mouth – Pursuing a career based on family and friends’ recommendations, “My friend suggested I apply for the job and thought I’d be a good fit.”

4) Chance – Pursuing a career by chance, “Here is a job posting I’ll apply to and see what happens.”

5) Favourite Course – Pursuing a career based on your favourite course in school, “I loved politics so I’m going to become a Politician.”


The problem with these common considerations?

They do not lead to a strategic and informed decision about a career that takes into account all the unique qualities you have that make a career fit.


What to Consider When Choosing the Right Career for You?

1) Skills & Strengths – What are you naturally good at?

2) Interests – What kind of topics or activities are you drawn to?

3) Values – What do you consider to be important in your career/life?

4) Personality – What are your patterns when it comes to emotions, attitudes, and behaviours?

5) Future Goals – What future goals do you have?

6) Reality Factors – What are some hard constraints you’re dealing with?


If you need help identifying these unique qualities about yourself and deciding on what career to pursue next, please connect with us at Canada Career Counselling. We are here to help!

By Lynn Imai