Making Purposeful Career Pivots

Sep 14, 2022 | Blogs

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On this episode of Dr Laura: Where Work Meets Life™ – Dr. Laura welcomes Meghan Reid, psychologist and co-owner of Canada Career Counselling, to the podcast to discuss career moves and “the great re-evaluation”. Meghan brings a wealth of experience in helping clients make strategic and fulfilling career transitions to this conversation!

Career Pivots Podcast
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Meghan Reid has always been drawn to helping people and solving their career and work-related challenges. She breaks down the misconceptions surrounding career counselling; the surprise people have at learning this service offered by psychologists even exists. Meghan and Dr. Laura discuss how people’s fear of “failing” at a career needs reframing so they can see the benefits of a career transition. Meghan also identifies three major ways in which organizations are letting employees down, which is leading to the seeming flood of employee resignations. This compelling episode will help you evaluate your own career satisfaction and give guidance to anyone contemplating a move.

“… I think it’s shifting or flipping the script on how we match to jobs. I think now a lot of it is ‘Here are the jobs that exist, which one can you fit yourself into’, as opposed to ‘don’t even think about the jobs that are out there, think about what you would want to be doing. And then identify opportunities that could fit you.” – Meghan Reid


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